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The same important services EBSCO has been providing libraries for years for print subscriptions can be put to work for you with e-journal and e-journal package purchases, individually or through a consortium or buying group. The acquisition of publisher packages introduces a number of unique challenges such as understanding what titles a publisher is offering, knowing exactly what coverage and format options are available, and managing terms and conditions of license agreements.
Purchasing serials outside of your traditional acquisition channels can impact your staffing needs and hinder your normal workflow by adding tasks usually handled by your subscription agency. We can work within these purchasing arrangements to ensure that proper payments are made while maintaining efficiency in your workflow.

Let EBSCO do the work for you and save you valuable staff time. Our services apply to individual library or consortia purchases of publisher packages containing print and/or online journals. Some of the ways we can help you are listed below:


. Accurate subscription lists. We can provide you with an accurate list of your current subscriptions from publishers with whom you are negotiating (including all the publisher's imprints). We can also work with the publisher to create your "base subscription list."

. Consolidated, itemized invoicing. We can provide an itemized invoice of titles included in any package you order. The invoice will include a price for each title and can include department and fund codes as well.

. Electronic invoicing. Even with a detailed list of titles included in a package, manually posting invoices to an integrated library system takes an enormous amount of time. EBSCO is able to provide you with itemized invoices in electronic format, allowing for automated loading into your ILS.

. Our dedicated e-journal customer service team speeds up e-journal orders and facilitates registration and access.

. Electronic access. We offer the EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service (EJS), which provides one point of access for your online journals. EJS Enhanced is a portal to thousands of electronic journals. It provides a broad suite of administrative tools that make managing your e-journals much easier.

. Order history and special reports. Once EBSCO produces an invoice for your package titles, those titles are automatically included in EBSCO's order history and can be included on standard serials management and collection development reports. Many of these reports can be accessed online through EBSCONET, our subscription management system.

. Renewal assistance. Renewals for package titles that you order through EBSCO are handled along with your traditional subscription renewals. Renewal notices and invoices are sent in a timely manner.